Blacklight Posters- Celebrate the Psychedelic

Blacklight Posters

Blacklight posters have been around for a while now, they are kind of a
remnant of the Psychedelic Sixties.
The use of psychedelics has been returning in conjunction with the
exploration of alternative spiritual practice. Witness some of the Ayuasca
art of the South American Shamans.
I also love the works of Alex Grey (Tool has real taste!) and Neil Hague (David Icke
Illustrator).One of the things Blacklight posters do well is capture the hidden luminescent
sense of our bodies.

Mushroom Psilocybin poster

Mushroom Psilocybin poster

So come along and trip with me as we look at a few blacklight posters.

Age of Aquarius Poster

Age of Aquarius Poster

Marijuana Blacklight Poster

Marijuana Blacklight Poster



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