10 Concert Posters worth a look

New post on ConcertPoster.org — ” 10 Concert Posters worth a look “.
Wilco, Sonic Youth, Death Cab For Cutie, Flight of the Conchords,  all have posters represented.

Flight of the Conchords concert Poster

Flight of the Conchords concert Poster

Leonard Cohen Poster – The Future Tour

Leonard Cohen, one of the all time great pop songwriters. I am

kicking myself for having missed his recent show in Seattle. That was

probably the last tour he will do. Oh Well, I did get onsomething

almost as nice though. A poster from his last tour. “The Future”

in 1993. The poster is for a show in Canada, Saskatchewan.

Great image, kind of encapsulates the whole “First We’ll take

Manhattan” vibe he had going back then. The Poster includes the

setlist from that show.


Leonard Cohen poster

Leonard Cohen poster

This poster is available on Amazon – Leonard Cohen Poster and on ConcertPoster.Org – Leonard Cohen concert Poster

The Concert Posters Buying Guide

I just wrote a buying guide for concert posters over on ebay. the guide highlights some of the pitfalls in the concert posters market. Give it a read. Concert posters Buying Guide

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This Van Halen Poster in available on Amazon – Van Halen Roth Concert Poster