The Concert Posters Buying Guide

I just wrote a buying guide for concert posters over on ebay. the guide highlights some of the pitfalls in the concert posters market. Give it a read. Concert posters Buying Guide

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This Van Halen Poster in available on Amazon – Van Halen Roth Concert Poster

AC/DC Black Ice Concert Poster

I am stoked about the new AC/DC album and tour.  They play November 30, at the Tacoma dome. I snagged a few concert posters for that AC/DC concert. Black Ice is their first in 8 years and I am jamming the single Rock ‘N Roll Train.

AC/DC Black Ice Concert Poster

AC/DC Black Ice Concert Poster

This poster is available on Amazon AC/DC Poster and Ebay  AC/DC Black ICE Concert Poster

Welcome to Concert Posters

Hello, This is my first post on this blog. The blog will try to showcase some very cool concert posters that are available to fans.

1st, a couple of sites you should be following if you are into this. – great database of concert posters, snarky forum.

Concert Posters on Amazon – A nice little selection of concert posters that qualify for Free Amazon super saver shipping. — A new Concert posters site that will have a huge  selection – Good new Concert Poster site

Portland Poster Pole – A very good local site that highlights concerts and posters in Portland Oregon

Foo Fighter 2008 Tour Poster

Foo Fighter 2008 Tour Poster

This Foo Fighters Concert Poster can be found at Amazon – Foo Fighters Concert Poster